I am the Student Success Coach and Peer Counseling teacher at Spoto High School in Florida. My primary job is to work with students that struggle in the areas of attendance, discipline, and academics. While working with these student’s interventions are put in place to help them achieve the goals that they set for themselves in each area. This year I had the opportunity to teach 3 classes of Peer counseling that included the same students that I serve on my Peer Counseling caseload. When presented with the opportunity to switch to the online TUF SEL curriculum the decision was easy and I saw the positive impact from the beginning. Students were truly engaged in TUF’sreal life lessons and during class discussions students opened up and actually shared their life experiences. Throughout the day I would hear students talk about how they used strategies that they learned in class to make good decisions. The lessons, the discussions, and the brainstorming of action steps helped facilitate an environment in the classroom that welcomed everyone no matter what situations you have been through or currently going through. Students also realized that they were not alone when it came to the life experiences they had to endure. Bonds were formed but above all students learned about themselves and felt more confident using the life skills they had learned.

-Antonio Bradford Student Success Coach, Spoto High School FL

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