TUF Funding

TUF Life Skills Can Be Purchased On A Small Or Large Scale

TUF can be implemented in a classroom, a whole-school SEL curriculum facilitated by teachers and principals or a district-wide implementation supported by the superintendent and school board.

TUF Life Skills is a complete Social -Emotional Learning Solution and is now being mandated in many States across the Country. This means a wide variety of funding sources are eligible to pay for it as listed below.

Federal, State and District Funding

TUF Life Skills qualifies at the Federal level for Title 1 school-wide SEL curriculums. Principals work with their school districts to identify funding towards proven evidence based SEL curriculums like TUF that will provide successful outcomes for their school and district.

State funding varies in different States and schools must refer to their States education department for information on State-level grant funding available. Grants are frequently available for Social Emotional Learning curriculum, Mental Health and Character Education programs.

Business and Community Funding

Both organizations benefit when businesses sponsor the TUF Life Skills Social Emotional Learning SEL Curriculum at their local schools or youth agency. Schools and Youth Agencies receive the TUF SEL Curriculum for free and businesses receive positive publicity within their local community that creates a partnership that is well worth the investment. In addition local businesses have a vested interest in supporting TUF SEL to equip students with the tools needed for a sustainable and competitive modern workforce.

Non-Profit and 501 c3 Foundation Funding

The goal of many foundations is to support evidence based educational and mental health programs like TUF SEL that will provide a turn-key solution with proven positive outcomes for their agency and students. TUF will assist schools and youth agencies in the grant application process by providing a variety of marketing collateral.

PTA and Parent Funding

School PTA organizations and philanthropic individual donors can positively impact the culture of their local school or youth agency by providing funding for the specific purpose of bringing the TUF SEL Curriculum to their organization of choice.

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