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Being aware of one’s own feelings and those of others, regulating those feelings and using emotions appropriate to the situation are critical life skills that are often missing in today’s youth.

  • Poor school performance
  • Negative social relationships
  • Anger, acting out, other aggressive behaviors
  • Drug and alcohol abuse/addiction
  • Depression/suicide
  • 62%of teachers report bullying in their classroom
  • Sexual harassment and violence
  • Entitlement


TUF is the largest ‘best- in- class’ digital library of social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons. TUF offers powerful data reporting and uses proven evidence-based strategies that case studies have shown to increase student’s GPA, classroom attendance and a decrease in referrals. TUF educates students on how to cultivate healthy relationships, make good decisions, avoid harmful social situations, collaborate and practice team building skills preparing the whole child for success in today’s world. TUF is a complete turn-key solution, with a proven blended -learning approach that is easily implemented into multiple subject fits and can be used in a group/classroom setting or individually for ISS (in school suspension). TUF uses a unique approach that inspires, engages and truly connects with today’s students!

  • All TUF lessons meet State and District standards
  • Engaging interactive digital content for all types of learners
  • Pre/post assessments for evidence-based learning
  • Customized menu of courses for your school
  • No “train the trainer” needed
  • Certificate based skill development


Research shows that one’s Social and Emotional intelligence is the #1 indicator for life-long success.

  • 83% gain in academic performance
  • 23% gain in social behaviors
  • 10% reduction in depression and anxiety
  • Decrease in substance abuse
  • Decrease in criminal behavior
  • Decrease in bullying
  • Improves relationships between students, teachers and parents
  • For every $1 invested in SEL programming, there is an $11 return

TUF changes the culture of a school by positively impacting school climate and improving relationships between students, teachers and parents.


WE SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE. The way to reach the heart of a teenager is to speak their language. TUF immediately makes a connection by using teen “slang,” emojis, snap-chat and youtube- type videos while creating real-life scenarios that teens can relate to. The unique way that we use our social and emotional learning curriculum builds trust with each student allowing them to open up and dig deep, creating positive behavior change.

What separates TUF from other SEL curriculum?

What separates TUF from other Life Skills curriculum?

  • TUF offers the largest ‘best -in -class digital library of SEL and Mental Health courses that exceed all State and District standards. TUF has positively impacted over 300,000 youth across the Nation and is often described by teachers and students as the “Netflix of Life Skills”
  • We pride our-self on producing the most relevant, current and measurable SEL and Mental Health curriculum that truly engages and connects with students, providing outcomes that positively impact the culture of your school or youth agency.
  • TUF’s proven unique blended- learning approach offers teachers and mentors the most comprehensive lesson guides in the industry.
  • TUF courses offer a custom flexible implementation that fits into multiple subjects.
  • TUF courses include real-life engaging testimonials relevant to each lesson from our celebrity role- models that truly connect with students.
  • TUF offers an individual stand-alone feature for students to use for behavioral issues in (ISS) in-school suspension.
  • All TUF courses provide powerful data reporting of your student’s success on an easy -to -navigate admin dashboard.
  • TUF courses are a turn-key solution that are user- friendly for both teacher & student and are housed on our award- winning LMS digital platform that is custom branded for your school or organization.
  • TUF is a gamechanger! TUF SEL and Mental Health courses are a premium curriculum that is often up to 50% less expensive than other Life Skills curriculum available.

What’s included in TUF ?

Our TUF SEL curriculum includes all of the following teaching resources.

Whole child development

Skills students need for success in school and in life


Growing SEL library

Access to up-to-date content


Quick start Lesson Plan

User-friendly road map

Group SEL Activities

Creative social learning

Teaching videos

Motivating TUF Coaches

TUF Celebrity Role Model Speakers

Engaging and inspiring leaders

Flexible Curriculum

Embed TUF into any setting

Group Discussion Points

Facilitate “TUF TALK”

Aligned to Legislation

Fulfill state and district SEL requirements


As part of the research-based design, all TUF Courses align with the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competencies.

After completing the TUF Learning path, students are issued a TUF certification based on CASEL benchmarks.

Recommended Grade Level:


Subject Fit:

Homeroom, Advisory, Health, P.E., English, Social Studies, School Psychologists, ISS (In School Suspension), Morning Show

Flexible Curriculum:

Embed TUF’s best in class SEL courses into any setting, for all students.

Standards Alignment:

CASEL, state and district Social and Emotional learning requirements, TUF SEL student certification


Create Positive Change And Get Your Students TUF!

12 Most Common Stressors for the 2019 Teen

Social and Parental Pressure

Drugs and Alcohol


Mental and Physical Health Issues

Unhealthy Social Media


Lack of Positive Role Models and Heroes


Risky Sexual Activity and Behavior


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