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TUF is a WIN/WIN for coaches and student-athletes!


Benefits for Coaches

  • Builds team unity
  • Teaches leadership skills
  • Provides insight into players’ progress through data collection
  • TUF P2P gives insight into each athlete’s strengths/weaknesses and insight into the make -up of your team
  • Enables efficient and flexible learning
  • Promotes academic performance
  • Provides speakers (famous role models/athletes) through video testimonials

Benefits for Student-athletes

  • • Improves behavior on and off the field
  • • Creates better decision- making and leadership skills
  • • Boosts time management
  • • Improves respect for authority
  • • Increases self-awareness, social awareness, confidence and accountability
  • • TUF P2P gives insight into each athlete’s strength/weakness

How can TUF fit into your team schedule?

  • Student-athletes can take courses independently on their own devices. They can be given start and end dates from their coaches.
  • Student-athletes can take courses independently on their own devices followed up with team discussions and team- building activities.
  • TUF can be taken during the off-season
  • TUF can be worked into a daily or weekly schedule for as little as 10 minutes per session.

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As part of the research-based design, all TUF Courses align with the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) competencies.

After completing the TUF Learning path, students are issued a TUF certification based on CASEL benchmarks.

Recommended Grade Level:


Subject Fit:

Homeroom, Advisory, Health, P.E., English, Social Studies, School Psychologists, ISS (In School Suspension), Morning Show

Flexible Curriculum:

Embed TUF’s best in class SEL courses into any setting, for all students.

Standards Alignment:

CASEL, state and district Social and Emotional learning requirements, TUF SEL student certification


Create Positive Change And Get Your Students TUF!

12 Most Common Stressors for the 2019 Teen

Social and Parental Pressure

Drugs and Alcohol


Mental and Physical Health Issues

Unhealthy Social Media


Lack of Positive Role Models and Heroes


Risky Sexual Activity and Behavior


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